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November 30, 2008



am i really up this late?

November 9, 2008

So, I’m really bad at posting lately.  Lots of things to update.  Real post coming soon.

Only 62 more days left on G’s countdown! 

Shower tomorrow.  And maybe a picture session if Brittany has time.


October 22, 2008

The view.


living for the weekend

October 11, 2008

I think I finally know what it really means to live for the weekend.  This week, at work, I actually kept a post it on my desk dedicated to crossing out the days until it would be Friday.  I hate the fact that I am just getting through the days like this, but if I could ignore confidentiality agreements and share all that has happened in the past two weeks, it might be easier to understand.  There are some great things about my job, but the special education part of my job (mostly the caseload and the fact that everything is a legal trap) is absolutely ridiculous and insane.  I can’t wait until next school year when I will (hopefully) be teaching in another county and not dealing special education’s sack of crap.  

But until then… I do love how completely relaxing my weekends have become.  Last weekend was the recharge I needed:

Paul had his paramedic class on Saturday until early afternoon, so… Mom and I got manicures and pedicures.  Pedicures are normal for me but I usually skip the manicure.  I love having my fingernails painted but I usually opt to either leave them natural or maybe coat them once with some clear polish.  My mom was trying to treat me (it was a rough week – definitely the most stressful by far) so I got them painted – deep red.  🙂  This probably won’t happen again for a while – in the interest of time and probably because I will be too lazy to paint them myself, I see myself going back to Sally Hansen clear coat in the near future.  

Next, we went to Borders.  Maybe my favorite place to waste time ever (and even though I used to work there, I still love it… maybe because I actually enjoyed the work, too).  

Paul started touching up the ceiling in little G’s room.

We played a little too much Rock Band 2.

And I finally documented this growing belly of mine.  Something I keep telling myself I’m going to do every week so we can have a running visual record of the last few months.  Once we get a good sequence going, I’ll post.  


I’m hoping for another weekend just as relaxed and with the power to recharge me.  I’d say 10 hours of sleep is a good start  🙂

Paul is just getting some extra hours in at CVS this morning.  The UGA vs Tenn game is today — my parents are going and I think bringing Stanie to come play with me and Paul and I might get to hang out with some people afterward.  Hopefully a win for UGA!  Speaking of Stanie… he’s been living with my parents pretty much full-time since school started because I am not home as much as I’d like and my parents are now obsessed with him.  He has now gained about 4 pounds since he’s been living with them haha!  He is one spoiled little pup.  My mom brings him home the chicken on her salads from restaurants, they buy him special turkey jerky dog treats… I mean, this dog EATS all the time now, it’s hilarious.  Good thing he was probably a little bit under weight when I had him (no table scraps at this house) because he’s gaining weight so fast now he’ll be 20 pounds by Christmas!  Love him, though.  And my parents for keeping him happy and entertained, they’re the best.  

I should probably go get a shower now if I think I’m going to be doing any socializing today  🙂


are. you. kidding. me.

October 8, 2008

seriously, i thought this was a joke.

what in the hay ride is this??


sick day

September 30, 2008

Originally, I thought I might not make it to work today because of the gas crisis.  But Paul had plenty of gas so I took his truck.  Got there.  Got sick.  Turned right back around and came home.  I knew I was feeling like crap and should not have gone in to begin with, but I tried.  Good thing today’s and tomorrow’s plans are super easy — Baby G could teach my class today and tomorrow (finishing biome postcards today — translate: coloring; and taking an open note quiz tomorrow… I’m getting soft, I know).  So hopefully all will be well and in one piece when I return in the morning.  (Although the way my 5th period has been going, I wouldn’t be surprised if I show up and my entire trailer has gone missing or blown up in the parking lot.)

The weekend and my birthday were really fun!  Friday — Paul and I both caught up on some MUCH needed sleep.  Slept in on Saturday.  Finally we went and tailgated with some of our friends and their business fraternity and eventually went to Dan, one of Paul’s EMS buddies.  Overall a good day followed by a very sad football game.  Very depressing.  But Auburn’s win over Tennessee made me feel a little better  🙂

Sunday, my birthday, we slept in again (seriously, I had no idea I was even capable of sleeping so much in one weekend) and went to a late brunch at Five and Ten (fancyish little restaurant here in Five Points).  We both ate well and really like what we had.  Paul always likes to surprise me somehow on my birthdays or on our anniversaries, so he dropped me off at Borders so he could go pick up my “hidden” present and said we had to be ready to go at 3pm… which really confused me because I thought my surprise was already the really nice brunch and present.  Oh no, I was wrong… he definitely fulfilled my two-year long desire to go to the new Medieval Times in Lawrenceville, haha!  It was great  🙂  Paul had never been before and for whatever reason I had just really wanted to go so bad because it’s basically the most insane thing ever created.  The cast gets SO into it, it’s hilarious and I love it.  It was an interesting experience… but we left feeling a lot like Paul had gotten ripped off big time.  And to top it off, my surprise present was Rock Band with the Rock Band 2 game for the XBox.  (I’ve really been wanting a game that I can actually play — I am just not really into Halo and I really really suck at it.)  SO MUCH FUN!  (I’ve played Rock Band a few times before, loved it and I think Rock Band 2 is way better and definitely worth the upgrade if you’re thinking about it.)

I think I’ve finally talked to almost all of my good friends either in person or on the phone now about our big exciting news :).  Almost all were really great and excited reactions except for maybe one or two… I could kinda sense the real reaction on the other side of the phone along with some judgment and definitely some doubt haha.  But I think Britt Britt’s reaction was hands down my favorite.  Unforgettable!  If only I’d had thought to record it… so much excited screaming.  I love it.  

It’s time for this girl to get some lunch going on and maybe eventually some Rock Band 2.  The sick part is not fun but sick days are the best.  🙂


rough week

September 26, 2008

what. a. week.  and normally the fact that it’s friday makes it better, but today was the worst day of all.  i can’t wait to wake up tomorrow to a new day.